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Endoscopy service documentation

The documents below are designed to support endoscopy services by giving key information regarding the NED.

NED starter pack for

This Zip file contains information about the National Endoscopy Database project that help facilitate the implementation of NED within a service.

NED user guide

A guide outlining how to access NED data.

NED roles and responsibilities guide

A guide outlining the various roles and responsibilities required to get your service uploading to NED.

NED introduction letter for Chief Executives_May 2017

A letter sent to all UK trusts/ organisations to advise of the NED going live in April 2018

NED data process overview and screenshots

PDF document showing an overview of NED data process and some screenshots from the pilot website

NED committee terms of reference

JAG have established a committee to oversee the governance of the NED project - these are the terms of reference for this group.

NED Trainee Trainer FAQ's

This document is intended for all trainees and trainer users of JETS, it includes crucial details on how to enter data correctly within the ERS.

FAQ document

A compiled list of commonly asked questions and answers.

NED KPI Document

This document specifies the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will be presented to users.

2c. Letter to colleagues

JAG NED Accreditation Briefing

NED patient information leaflet

This leaflet is intended to provide patients with information about the National Endoscopy Database. Click on the link to download and print.

NED Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

NEDi2 - guide for users and services

A NEDi2 guidance document on what to expect from the next iteration of NED